Nov. 20th, 2014

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This is the mod information post for the Sports Anime Shipping Olympics.


  • This is our preferred contact method. This method works for any questions or concerns you may have, no matter what they are.
  • Usual response time of 24 hours or less. If the question is particularly convoluted it may take several days for the mod team to discuss, in which case we'll send you a reply saying it's taking longer.
Dreamwidth: Private Message
  • The dreamwidth is where the event actually happens. We only post bonus rounds, main rounds, voting, etc. style posts here. It's not where we talk about the event.
  • To track the DW, follow our DW RSS feed. You can use feedmyinbox to get RSS updates sent to your e-mail inbox.
Tumblr: Askbox
  • The tumblr is our announcements blog, where the mods will post rules/event clarifications, announce when rounds are open/closed, explain mod rulings, etc. If the mods need to say something and it's longer than 140 characters, it's on the tumblr.
  • To get updates easily, follow our tumblr RSS feed. You can use feedmyinbox to get RSS updates sent to your e-mail inbox.
Twitter: [ profile] animeESPN
  • We use twitter to give fast small updates, field questions, promote main round entries who have made it through voting, and also run little memes like #baitmesaso.
  • Participant questions can be answered in under 60 seconds on the twitter, so it's great if you need an answer fast. You can DM or @ us. If it's a more complicated question, it may take longer for the mods to discuss it.

You can also leave a (signed-in or anonymous) comment on this post. Comments are screened/private. Anonymous comments will be unscreened so we can reply to them.

If you have a time-sensitive issue or need help immediately, please include the word "Urgent" in your subject; if you're not sure, include it just in case. Use "Urgent" also if you contacted us previously and received no reply.

Please give us 48 hours to respond, but after that time assume we didn't receive it and contact us again!

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