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Bonus Rounds: Additional Info


To make it easier on people's bandwidth, we ask that large images posted on a bonus round use a thumbnail only, with a link to a larger version of the image.

Your safe-for-work art fill will never be disqualified for being thumbnailed, not thumbnailed, or for being too big. However, as a courtesy to your fellow participants, if you feel an image is so large that it would strain a participant on a mobile data connection, then please kindly thumbnail the image. You can make the thumbnail into a click-through link, or you can include a text link separately—we don't care which you use.

You can create a thumbnail any way you'd like, and host it anywhere you'd like, but the easiest way to create thumbnails is through using imgur.

Let's take this manga page from haikyuu. A typical imgur link looks like, and that's fabulous for a clickthrough link to the larger image. The direct link of this image is

You get to the direct link of the image by taking the regular imgur link, then adding an "i." before "imgur," and the correct file ending at the end.

http:/ / http:/ /

Make sense?

What's awesome about imgur is that it automatically makes thumbnails for you. All you have to do is take the direct image link ( and add a "t" before the ".png" part. For example: http:/ /

That makes our huge image look like this:

If that's too small, you can try an "m" instead of a "t". http:/ / results in:

Much easier on everyone! You can also include the regular imgur link so that people can click through to a larger version of your image (or a full-sized link to anywhere else you wanted).


If you have a NSFW art/image fill you can host it anywhere you'd like, as long as it doesn't have flashing images (e.g., ads). Just please kindly link to it so people have to click through to see it. You can use a safe for work preview thumbnail in your fill comment if you would like.

If you have a NSFW written fill, you can host it at either [community profile] saso_afterhours or AO3 and include a link in your fill comment. If you'd like, you may include a safe for work sample passage in your fill comment as a preview. If posting to saso_afterhours, please follow the comm rules, which you can find in the first post on the comm.

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